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      Process Engineer

      region:huizhou | education background:unlimited | position:Manufacturing Department

      1. Flat panel transformer development experience of more than 1 year, technical secondary school or above;

      2. Be able to propose design scheme according to customer requirements, and complete process evaluation and cost evaluation;

      3. Can cooperate with customers to do function debugging;

      4. Familiar with the production process of flat plate transformers and analyze the abnormal performance of products;

      1947, 7280-49 | 29, 166, 3582, 8813

      5. Experience in flat plate transformer project is preferred.

      Working address: Hong Lin Industrial Park, Dongxing District, Dongjiang High-tech Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong

      Education Requirement: Junior college

      Working experience: 1 year

      Age: 24-48 |

      Current Residence: No limit

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      Manager of Manufacturing Department

      region:huizhou | education background:college | position:Manufacturing Department

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      IPQC Engineer

      region:huizhou | education background:unlimited | position:Quality Management

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